• Developer: BeamNG
  • Genre: Racing, Simulation
  • Version: v0.25
User Rating: Rating 4.45

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Release Date
May 29, 2015
Racing, Simulation
Windows PC


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Pick Your Dream Car and Enjoy a Ride in!

Daniel Evans is a vehicle simulation game developed and published by BeamNG. It was released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux on 29 May 2015. The application is currently in the Early Access development stage. Software features realistic physics and graphics and allows players to create and share custom levels and vehicles. The program is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. The product features some of the most realistic, detailed graphics and physics have seen in a video game. A vast open world and various vehicles and race types provide players excellent content to explore. The modding community of for free download has created different mods and custom content for games, further increasing replay value.


Graphics are not the most amazing or realistic, but they are still pleasing. The environment and vehicles look decent, and crashes are natural and satisfying. There is a good amount of detail in the world. The lighting is well done, and game free features high-quality graphics. The physics engine realistically simulates the effects of car crashes, game's graphics system renders realistic visuals. The product uses soft-body physics to simulate natural vehicle damage and deformation. Vehicles in-game are designed to look and feel like real-world cars. The environment is well-detailed and looks realistic.


Gameplay is focused on driving and crashing vehicles. Player of for PC download can choose to race in various environment, such as city, desert, mountain. There are different game modes to choose from, such as racing, stunt, destruction. Player can create custom tracks, vehicles. Physics are very realistic, vehicles handle accordingly. Software is very challenging, there is a lot to do. Singleplayer campaign is good, but real meat of game is in multiplayer. There are various modes to play, there is always someone online to cooperate with. Replayability is very high, as there are a ton on different vehicles and tracks to unlock. Software online for free features a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles. Players can drive these vehicles in various environments, including city streets, country roads, off-road tracks. Program features a variety of game modes, including single-player, multiplayer, custom levels. We also recommend check out the Drift Hunters game, if you liked this title.


Up to eight players can play online together in a race or destruction derby. Multiplayer mode is available in custom tracks. There is a good variety of modes to play, servers are always full. Community is very active, there is always someone to play with. Software is very challenging, it takes a lot of skill to be good. In multiplayer, players can race against each other, or cooperate to complete objectives. Program features a variety of custom levels that can be played in download for free multiplayer regime.


Players can keep playing games to unlock new vehicles and tracks. Product install features modding support, allowing players to create custom content. Multiple cars and channels exist to open, and multiplayer is permanently active. The product features a variety of vehicles, environments, and game modes. Physics and graphics engines offer a realistic, immersive experience. Multiplayer mode and custom levels add to the game's replayability.


  • Is this game open world?
    Yes, is an open-world game.
  • How do I get game to start?
    Press "Start" button in main menu.
  • I have a question about for Windows. How can I get help?
    You can get help by posting your question on forums, or by contacting support team directly.
  • What is best way to get to top of hill?
    There is no one definitive answer to this question. You may find that taking a different route each time you play gives you a better score, as you learn lay of land, develop your own driving style.
  • How do I get better results?
    Try different combinations of settings and see what works best for you.


Overall, for Mac is a great game for those who enjoy driving and crashing vehicles. Software features high-quality graphics, realistic vehicle damage. Gameplay is very replayable. Multiplayer mode is a great addition to game.


  • Realistic physics
  • Great graphics
  • Lots of vehicles and environments to choose from


  • Not a lot of variety in gameplay

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